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Al Jatib caves

Arroyo Cúrcal, s/n, 18800 Baza, Granada, Granada, España


Phone number: +34 958 34 22 48


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la sirena varada is an immersive and narrativist larp event with surreal elements that seeks a balance between the naturalistic and the symbolic. All the techniques implemented will be practiced in pre-larp workshops. 

Intimate contact

We will use an escalation mechanic guided by a safety word, being possible to touch the whole body (except the erogenous zones).


Life inside the community is full of conflicts, but the Free do not fall into nonsensical violence! They have devised Ordeals for their conflicts resolutions that will be also diegetic, as it is the only kind of fighting accepted for the community. Ugly physical violence is something that belongs to the outside world. 

Fluid time

Time is not the natural one. In less than three days of event we try to cover a whole year at the community, so time and conflicts are accelerated and quickly pass through stages. Any interaction is therefore a new interaction. When any character interacts with another after a short while, their relationship enters a new stage in a cycle. It would be as if these characters have not met in quite a lot time.   

Death and the dead

Characters’ death is voluntary for the affected participant, but it is not the end of play for the character. Even then, we don’t intend to have many character deaths.


Dead characters may walk around and linger as memories of their own selves, and even talk with other characters, provided they are talked to first. Althought the rest of the participants see these dead characters, their characters cannot. This is not considered a supernatural phenomenon, but a living character having a monologue with the memory of the dead one. Dead characters cannot initiate interactions by their own or use their half-invisible status as advantage to generate expectations about the supernatural.


Remember: it may be interesting to have one “spectres” at the end of the larp, but five could be too many.

The Shadow Space

A space where we uncover our dreams. Those who enter the Shadow Space can decide to be themselves or just shadows. Shadows will play with senses and memories of present characters in a direction they will not be able to control.

Characters that enter in the room must take a sip of wine. Then they sit and meditate at the entrance zone to let go any preconception of truth and reality. When they feel ready they break on trough to the other side. Those who are now shadows must put the masks first. 

The Other Caves

There are several caves devoid of all comforts in the surrounding area of the community. They are symbolic and sacred places were one or several characters can go for a primal experience. Interactions in the Other Caves are devoid of civilized behaviour and sophistication. Inside those caves, the rule is Truth: physical actions are symbolic and must manifest the real emotions and feelings of those characters inside. Besides, no words can be used inside the caves, only sounds or exclamations. 


We are developing a set of safety words and guidelines of behavior for this specific larp, based on the general guidelines that we use in other Somnia events. These are not rules, but flexible patterns which help to imprint into this larp the style and flavor desired. 


Characters will be designed in accordance to six archetypes inspired by those from the theatrical play: Mermaid, Seafarer, Drowned, Anchor, Bound and Tainted. Each archetype is gender-blind, and they will be refined into individual characters, written by the designers with the input of the participants who will play them. Archetypes are an extra-diegetic concept, and characters don't acknowledge or try to fit them. 

The Waters Divine

The arab baths hammam are a place for renewal, divination and consciousness alteration. The waters are a force that change those who enter and experience them. Whatever happens in The Waters Divine, the rule is that your character emerges changed from them in a meaningful way. 

Painting created during the first run, by artist Nina Mutik

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