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Al Jatib caves

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The larp is designed, written and directed by Juan Ignacio Ros and José Castillo Meseguer, members of the Somnia larp group.

Juan Ignacio Ros is a Spanish writer, larp designer and proponent of the "play to flow" concept. He has experience with mainstream larp, but focuses in small, experimental high resolution events. He also has an avid interest for symbolism and alternative narratives and their mixing with immersion and designs larps since 2004, the same year that he co-founded Somnia, the spearhead group for Nordic-style (or progressive) events in Spain. He also keeps a larp blog.

Somnia is a non-profit Spanish collective of LARP organizers and designers. Behind Somnia is the Cultural Association Tejedores de Sueños, one of the most veteran organizations in Spain, which has been performing these activities for more than twelve years in collaboration with the Town Hall of Cartagena. We have made more than 27 playworks of various settings, experimenting with LARP form and content. You can read about our larp style here

José Castillo Meseguer is a larp organizer since 2005, as part of Somnia as well as alone. Co-creator of EntreReVs, the Spanish larp conferences and founder of Larp-Spain (society for the internationalization of Spanish larps). Passionate for trying out different styles, he firmly believes that LARP will finally achieve it’s recognition as a form of art. He has finished his first novel and keeps a larp blog.

For questions, suggestions and doubts, please send and e-mail to somnia.org@gmail.com

Picture by Esperanza Montero 

Picture by Esperanza Montero 

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