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Have you been tempted by the open sea?

You feel it: passion unbridled with no dull excuses.

The world outside is a faraway grey street

where words are blades that hurt.

This is our utopia of intellect and illusion:

we are the dry-mouthed seafarers,

as wounded as proud, as mad as holy.


A larp about Mediterranean dreams and red-blooded delusion.

About waking up late and enjoying life.


la sirena varada  — the stranded mermaid


May 25th to 28th 2017

Al Jatib caves (Baza, Granada, Spain)

International larp - English language 

28 positions

Picture by Esperanza Montero 

This will be the third and final run of the larp.

The first took part on September 2015 and the second, on May 2016.


The Design Document for the larp (pending some modifications) can be downloaded HERE.

Picture by Herman Langland

Picture by Herman Langland

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