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Al Jatib caves

Arroyo Cúrcal, s/n, 18800 Baza, Granada, Granada, España


Phone number: +34 958 34 22 48


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Our inspiration


"A republic (...) where common sense does not apply. (...) 

I find that life is boring and dull due to lack of imagination. Too much reason, too much discipline in everything. I have thought that in any given corner there are half-a-dozen interesting men, with a lot of fantasy and with no sense, that are rotting among the others. So I am going to take them into my house, free and crazy, to make up a new life, to dream things impossible. 

(..)A sanctuary for orphans of common sense".

                                                           Ricardo, "La sirena varada"


"I sometimes remember it. That, and other things, just as if I had dreamed them all. And I don't know how to separate what is the truth and what is a lie". 

                                                           Mermaid, "La sirena varada"


"Don't be afraid. The sea await us. There we will be together, forever!" 

                                                           Ricardo, "La sirena varada"


The larp is based on the theatrical play of the same name written by Alejandro Casona and will take place during the 50th anniversay of his death, as a form of tribute to his inspiring work.


Please, keep in mind that this is not a direct, literal adaptation of the play. We have taken the motifs, themes and archetypes of the original work and created a contemporary larp with them; we think that the issues of the play are as actual today as they were at the time of its writting. 


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